Automation and Control Systems

Complete systems for control and buildings automation,In which can be integrated different infrastructures and services.

It is composed of  controller elements, signal concentrator, communication bus, TCP/IP and/or digital I/O, wired to allow physical and logical integration of analog and digital data for its processing for centralized management software.

  • Digital I/O Control.
  • Control of analog signals for temperature control and other type analog signals.
  • Outputs for Light control or other devices.
  • Communication by IP or Bus.
  • Compatible solutions with digital or analog sensors, actuator or standard communication market regulator solutions. 
  • Sensors: Presence, Humidity, Temperature, wind, weight, Deformation, Energy, among others. 
  • Actuators: Digital relays, analog voltage/current control, solid state relays, lighting dimmers, sirens, optical indicators, among others.