Advantecnia Assistance System in the New Hospital of Salamanca

July 24, 2017
Advantecnia Assistance System in the New Hospital of Salamanca

We are pleased to announce that the University Hospital of Salamanca, which is currently under construction, will have Nurse-Call Assistance Systems of Advantecnia.

The contractor for the construction of this great project (Corporate Temporal Union led by FCC), has relied on ACE business Group to provide the Advantecnia technology in the special facilities section of the nursing patient communications system for the more than 1,000 beds among Hospitalization Area and in Recovery Emergency Boxes.

This Hospital is one of the most important Hospitals in Spain and the most important in Castile and Leon, at its completion will have more than 190,000 m2 of built surface and all the services like Hospitalization, Surgery, Emergency, Laboratories, Consultations and Radiology among others.

It is expected that the Hospital will open its doors in 2020, however, work has already begun on electrical installations and technological infrastructure.

The Advantecnia system that will be installed in the Hospital of Salamanca is the AdvantCall System, which is characterized by intercommunication services, mobile notification, display of alarms in the corridor and of course the room and bathroom elements of the system, as well as advanced management of Alarms and infrastructure control.

More information about the AdvantCall system and the elements that compose it here.